Statement of Bosa Prlincevic

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BOSA PRLINCEVIC, born as BEJA MANDILOVIC, born in 1919. In Pristina, from father Eliau and mother

Rebeca, Jew by nationality, FNRJ citizen, married, mother of 6 children. At a request of authorities of Internal Affairs in Pristine to say what I know about arrests, persecutions, internment and execution of Jews during the war I give the following


Before the war my mother, father, three sisters and one brother lived in Pristina and two sisters lived in Belgrade. 1941. Both sisters came back to Pristina where they lived til 1944. when they were interned, together with all other Jews, in Bergen Belsen. One sister lived in Novi Pazar from where , in 1941, she was taken to Kosovska Mitrovica to an unknown direction where she was executed.

During the war my parents were not interned in Albania, like other Jews, but they continued to live in Pristina till 1944. when they were interned in Bergen Belsen. There, in 1945. my mother was burned in crematorium and my father died the same year.

I was married to a Serb and became orthodox so I was not interned with others to concentration camp. I spent just few hours in camp in Pristina and at my husband’s plea I was left to go home on condition not to leave my house.

I have nothing else to say because I no longer remember many things.

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