Dobrica Prlinčević

March 23, 2010, Belgrade

Interviewer: Matteo Halpern Bojanovich | Camera: Dušan Gavrilović | Editing: Dušan Gavrilović | Webmastering: Dušan Gavrilović

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Jewish Community Priština Today

After expulsion in June 1999, all members of the Jewish community Priština, about 50 of them, left their homes and found refuge in Belgrade, with the precious assistance from JOINT and the federation of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia.
Currently, the members of the Jewish Community Priština, 36 of them in total, are displaced across Serbia and live in Prokuplje, Niš, Laplje selo (an enclave in Kosovo and Metohija), while most of them continued their lives in Belgrade. 
After the death of Čedomir Prlinčević, who was for many years the President of the Jewish Community Priština, the new elected President is Dobrica Prlinčević, who is at the same time a member of the Executive Board of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia.
Due to its specific position, the Jewish Community of Priština does not have its own premises, but it participates in the ongoing activities, as much as it is possible under the current circumstances.