Dijamanti's Photo Album

From left to right

Haham Jakov Ruben, maternal grandfather and his oldest son Josef Ruben

Mair Beraha, Dijamanti’s father  with his sister Mirjam

Mair Beraha before the war, Priština

Ruben Rahamim (31), mother's brother with his wife Sol (23). They lived in Kosovska Mitrovica and were killed with their one year old daughter Buna in the city of Niš.

 Aunt Hula Ruben, (in the middle in black dress), killed in Sajmište, facing Sara, Dijamanti’s mother, surrounded by her children Moše, Buna, Alegri and Dijamanti. The pregnant woman is Rukula Mandil. 

In the yard of the house, Priština before the war: father Mair (1909), Moše-Mois (1931), mother Sara (1915), Buna (1934), Alegri (1936) and Dijamanti (1938).

Dijamanti, during the hiding

 In Albania - sitting, from left to right Dijamanti’s uncle Izak Koen (from Kosovska Mitrovica) and aunt Mirjam; in the first row from the left: father Mair, Izak's sister Zlata, killed during the war and uncle Izak Bivas (from Kosovska Mitrovica) died of tuberculosis in Albania; 
Rena, standing the first from left and cousin Moše-Muis Navon, the fourth from left.

Priština 1953, Dijamanti and Alegri

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